Weekly Newsletter

Second Grade Newsletter

September 20, 2013




This Week (9/23-9/27):

Tuesday, 11:00-12:00: Time in the Tipi

Wednesday: No School—PIR Day

Friday, 8:55-9:15: Meadowlark Honor Assembly

Friday: Indian Heritage Day

Important Schedule Reminder—NO SCHOOL:

Bozeman Public Schools will not be in session on Wednesday. Teachers will be hard at work looking over the assessment information we have gathered and setting measurable goals to ensure each child will receive instruction appropriate for their learning needs.


Reading Workshop:
Our first Unit of Second Grade Reading Workshop is entitled Readers Build Good Habits, and that is what we’ve been up to. This week, we’ll continue to use phrasing to help our reading fluency. We’ll also focus on our comprehension as a way of determining if we’ve picked a book that is “just right.” Finally, we’ll review the toolbox of decoding skills we learned in first grade to use when we encounter a tricky word.


Writing Workshop:

Our first area of study in writing is Studying the Masters for Inspiration and Ideas. We will use the work of some of our favorite authors to inspire our narrative writing. This week, we’ll dig more deeply into our editing skills. We’ll look for run-on sentences and learn new strategies for punctuation. We’ll also learn strategies for what to do when we recognize we have a word that’s not spelled correctly.


Math Workshop:

Our first unit of study in math focuses on extending the children’s sense of number. We will do this through several workshop projects that allow the students to problem-solve and talk about numbers. By the end of this unit, all students will:

  • Understand the value placed on the digits within a three-digit number.
  • Recognize that a hundred is created from ten groups of ten.
  • Use skip-counting strategies to skip count by 5s, 10s, and 100s within 1,000.
  • Represent numbers to 1,000 by using numbers, number names, and expanded form.
  • Compare two-digit numbers using >, <, and =.


    This week, we’ll continue to explore numbers. We’ll use our knowledge of place value to discuss how far apart different numbers are. We’ll also ask ourselves how we can represent numbers using place value. We will learn our first game, “ I Spy A Number” which will be the first “Math Homework Game” that comes home next week.


    This year, I will be teaching Science to all Second Grade students at Meadowlark. Ms, Anaya will teach Social Studies. One Mondays and Tuesdays our class will stay with me for Science. On Thursdays and Fridays, students will travel across the hallway for Social Studies. If at any time you have questions about the Social Studies curriculum, please feel free to e-mail Ms. Anaya at natasha.anaya@bsd7.org . Also, if you have knowledge in any of the areas we are discussing, please feel free to contact either one of us. We love to have experts come to class!


    This week in Science, we will study how sound travels as well as investigating how different materials affect the sound travel.

    Indian Heritage Day:

    Friday September 27 is recognized as Indian Heritage Day in our School District. This Monday and Tuesday, all Meadowlark students will get the opportunity to spend time in a tipi. We will talk about and share stories about the significance of the tipi to different Montana-area tribes.


    Notes from Around the Building:

  • The Meadowlark PAC has a facebook account: www.facebook.com/mlelementarypac
  • Meadowlark Office Phone: 582.6860, Attendance Line: 582.6864
  • Lost & Found: We have a lot of items piling up in the lost and found. Remember to put your child’s name on items that come to school.
  • All School Exercise: Join us for a walk every Friday morning from 8:25-8:40!
  • Honor Assembly: Every Friday from 8:55-9:15 in the gym.
  • Health Enhancement: Students need to have a separate pair of gym shoes that stay at school and are not worn outside. If they are unable to tie their shoes, Velcro straps are extremely helpful.
  • The prefix for Ms. Daum’s phone number is 582-, not 522-, as published in the music newsletter.

In the Gym

K-2nd grade students are learning about moving in self space, listening to and following directions while moving, using equipment while moving safely – all about demonstrating appropriate behaviors in class. They are also performing various locomotors (skipping, galloping, sliding, running, etc.) while participating in games.  Students are exploring and using various types of equipment (noodles, hula hoops, balls).


3-5th grade students are learning about demonstrating appropriate behaviors in class.  They are also participating in cooperative games – learning strategies for positive problem solving and decision-making while moving and using various types of equipment.


Healthy Bodies = Healthy Minds

Our Meadowlark Morning walks have been so successful with all teachers and students walking together on Friday mornings.  Thank you so much to all the parents that have been participating.  Physical Activity in the morning has been shown to improve academic success– it sharpens & focuses the brain so students are ready to learn.  It improves mood, concentration and has positive affects on classroom behavior.  COME AND JOIN US ON FRIDAY MORNINGS!

Safe Routes to School

Meadowlark’s first ever Walk/Bike To School day will be October 2. The theme for this first event is to wear something from your favorite team.  Walk or Bike to School on Wednesday and get a raffle ticket and snack.  The raffle ticket will give you a chance to win a helmet or a beautiful bike.  During the month of October, we will have a Walk/Bike to School every Wednesday.  October 9 is International Walk/Bike to School day.  Invite a friend to walk/bike with you every Wednesday this month.  If you drive or take the bus, ask a friend if you can walk/bike with them.  The drawing for these prizes will be held at the end of October.


Upcoming Events for your Calendar:

Wed, Sept. 25                No School-PIR Day

Fri, Sept. 27                   Indian Heritage Day

Wed, Oct. 2                   First Meadowlark Walk/Bike to School Day

Wed, Oct. 9                   International Walk/Bike to School Day

Wed, Oct 9                    Early Release Day, 1:45

Thurs-Fri, Oct. 17-18        No School, PIR Days

Wed, Oct. 23                 ShakeOut-State-Wide Earthquake Drill

Thurs, Oct 24                 Lifetouch Picture Day