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Student Handbook:

  • See under "Students and Parents"
  • ML Email Accounts for Students info.pdf
  • Parent permission/Tech use agreement/Medical Info Forms- Hover over "For Parent" on the top tab, and select 2015-2016 K-5 All in One Parent Permissions Form  

District Calendar
Student Supply list

New Immunization Requirements:
The 2015 legislature passed and the Governor signed HB 158 requiring K-12 students to be immunized against varicella (chickenpox) in the manner and with immunizing agents approved by the Montana Department of Health. We anticipate the Department of Health will require 2 doses of varicella or proof of disease, however, they are still in the rule making stage. The effective date of the new law is October 1, 2015. The following immunizations are now required: varicella, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, poliomyelitis, rubella, mumps, and measles (rubeola) (MMR). Please contact your health care provider for more information.

Emergency Numbers:
Important Emergency ML Numbers.pdf

Student Skill Builders:
Meadowlark Skill Builder sheets Updated.pdf

Katy Thomas: Meadowlark Counselor
ML School Counseling Services